Our Philosophy


Investment goals and principles

At Bennicas and Associates, Inc. our main investment goal is conservative growth coupled with preservation of capital. We seek to maximize total return while minimizing risk by designing portfolios composed primarily of diversified stocks and highly-rated bonds.

This correlates with our basic principle of bottom-line value. We typically purchase only securities which we feel to be both a good current value and a good long-term value. Unlike many firms, we are not picking sub-advisors for clients; rather we invest primarily in individual stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles, both domestic and international.

Investment style

Our investment style relies on data as well as on the more subjective qualities of judgment and vision. Georgia’s main method of analysis is fundamental, with a focus on both quantitative and qualitative factors. She takes a broad perspective and utilizes both a macro- and a microeconomic approach when making asset management decisions in individual client accounts.

Georgia uses her projections on economic and sector trends to design each portfolio to take advantage of a diversified mix that may include cash equivalents, domestic and international equities and bonds, gold and precious metals, and real estate. Within each sector she is looking at industry trends and projections as well as at individual company financials, and her focus is on positioning her clients for the long-term achievement of their goals.